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Teletherapy / Telemental Health

TWC Telehealth is a 100% virtual counseling and therapy clinic (part of the Wesley Center for Behavioral Wellness family of services) that uses the latest online and video technologies to serve a diverse set of clients including adults, children, couples, families, and military personnel.

You will be connected with a state licensed, clinical, therapist from the comfort of your home or other private location of your choice.  TWC Telehealth is like a "high-tech house call" the best therapy providers can now visit you in your home conveniently via your laptop, computer, tablet and even your phone!


How it Works

Receiving the highest quality counseling and therapy couldn't be easier.

Sessions take place online just as they would if you drove to a therapist's office – without the time, hassle, and expense of travel.

Your privacy is protected by stringent HIPAA and TWC Telehealth guidelines, as well as federal-level encryption of the video delivery services, so you can rest assured in the safety of your personal information.

  • Set up takes as little as 15 minutes!

  • If you have a newer computer, laptop (either with and high-speed Internet or WiFi), a tablet - you can even use your iPhone or Android phones, …that's all it takes

  • It's just like a regular visit to your therapist's office

  • Office Hours: Monday-Friday 10am-5pm, with scheduled services also offered evenings and weekends.


Services & Benefits

Gain empowering life skills, achieve higher levels of satisfaction, and realize new successes in family, social, and work environments.

TWC Telehealth virtual therapy is committed to your long-term success by employing the highest quality therapy techniques and methodologies. In the comfort, security, and privacy of your own home, you will gain new life skills through technology that is:

  • Easy to use.

  • Safe and secure; convenient, and affordable.

  • Completely online including forms and electronic payments.

  • Currently providing services throughout Georgia and working towards providing telemental services in other SE states.


Quick Answers to Some Common Questions…


Is online therapy as good as in-person therapy?

Yes!  You will be having an in-person therapy session that is just like meeting your therapist in an office. The only difference is that you will save your time and gas money not driving across town for weekly appointments.  Also, some people prefer the comfort and security of being in their own homes when sharing with their therapy provider.


Can I see someone in person?

TWC Telehealth is a virtual clinic.  All therapy services, paperwork, and payment processing is provided online for your total convenience. If you prefer to see a therapist in person, please call 678-653-0448 to set up an in-office or concierge session. 


Do I need special equipment?

Most newer computers, laptops, tablets and even iPhones and Android phones will have what you need with the addition of high-speed Internet or WiFi.  Feel free to call our office at 678-653-0448 and we are happy to help get you setup.


Is online therapy more expensive than an office visit?

No.  As a matter a fact, in most instances it costs less per session/visit.    You will save a great deal of time, hassle, and travel expenses by conveniently receiving services, remotely at your location.




The strengths of telemental health include well documented patient and provider satisfaction for a range of services, strong support for the reliability of clinical assessments (eg, neuropsychological testing, clinical interviews, and mental status exams) relative to face-to-face assessments and evidence that patients would choose to receive it if it was available and would improve their access to care. In addition, research has documented the effectiveness of Telepsychiatry to treat specific mental health diagnoses such as depression and anxiety disorders as well as its effectiveness with specific populations including incarcerated patients, children and adolescents, rural populations and older adults.


The scope of use of Telemental services has included: evaluations, consultations, case management, disease prevention, legal hearings, forensic evaluation, neuropsychological evaluation, individual, family and group therapy, home, outpatient, nursing home and inpatient care.  Of the scope of clinical issues which have been treated, according to the director of the telemedicine lab for the State of South Carolina in a personal communication, providers have seen the full range of pathology documented in the DSM 5. And while the limitations to telemental health have been the treatment of severely psychotic patients, the extensive work with adults and literature reviews of Telepsychiatry over the past 10 or more years have found studies treating depression, anorexia, conduct disorder, and attention deficit disorder in children and adolescents.