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We work with a wide range of emotional and behavioral issues and provide therapeutic services for depression, in addition to many other  issues...

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Everyone goes through difficult challenges in life. While you may have been able to cope with the challenges you’ve encountered...

Today, you have taken another step in your journey towards growth and well-being.


Welcome to The Wesley Center for Behavioral Wellness.  We are a family behavioral wellness practice that is experienced in working with people from all walks of life.  We help youth and adolescents, adults and military veterans.  


As a group of strengths based, solution-focused therapists, The Wesley Center can help you tap into your inherent strengths and uncover your true potential, and help you overcome painful experiences to help you grow in all areas of your life. Our goal is guidance self empowerment in order to assist you in navigating a positive, new direction in life.  Assisting you in understanding and resolving challenges in your life is our focus. Through enhancing your personal skills, we will help you overcome life’s painful experiences and help you grow in all areas of your life.


If you are ready to take another step in your journey towards growth, mental and emotional wellness - call us today.



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Mia Wolfrey, LCSW

Director of Clinical Operations